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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Back from Hibernation

Well . .

I am back and I am loving it to be writing back on this personal wall of mine.

It was way back on the last day of my previous employment that I had bid adieu to Bangalore and headed "back" to Hyderabad. Yes ! Headed back after a brief 6 months @ Bangalore. It was a exciting return for me, a "coming back to your fav place" kind of feeling. I came back, visited the favourite places of mine and then was gradually but forcefully sucked into the rigours of early stage project life. Believe me, a lot of water has flown down the river and there has been spate of events that happened when I didnt come back to put them up here.

There are certain things which I have lost and somethings which I have seemed to gain, I guess it is the ongoing learning process of the life which never fails to surprise you.

A short stop list of what I have significantly gained apart from knowledge and weight ( not neccesarily in the same order ).

a ) Je sais le langue Française !! Hoorah . . I cleared the Level II from "Alliance Françcaise".
b ) Paid a lot of tax !! ( it nearly caused a heartburn as the hole in the pocket became a deep impact !! ).
c ) Once more, I am going for H1B stamping, ( I never got a chance to use the existing one !! ).
d ) Some of my long time lusts are going to come true. ( Well if you are imagining physical, you are heading nowhere, along with me :P ).
e ) I got my sexy "Zen Micro" MP3 player finally !! and yes, it is a LOT better than iPOD in various arenas.

I hope to now continue in the same way I had done during the starting of the year, that is to, share my thoughts and views whenever I feeling like "Keying". I guess " penning down" would not stage a comeback unless tablet notebooks start coming out with handwriting recognition.

Until then, A Bientot, as they would say in "Française"

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