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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Wolf in the Sheep's clothing - Tribute to emergence of Arvind Kejriwal's species

It's been a good couple of years since India woke up to a promising movement which on the surface seemed to generate enough momentum to bring about "Aam Aadmi" scenario into the elitist Lutyen's zone and convinced enough educated middle & other classes of Indians to pitch in with their efforts - physical, emotional and monetary wise.

What it actually ended up was use & disposal of the face of "Jan lokpal movement" Anna Hazare who in typical feudal style was used as a stepping stone to launch careers of a new breed of politicians & a marginally promising new politicial party which hailed itself as the doyen of "Swaraj Wapsi".

Enter the IIT-K educated IRS officer Arvind Kejriwal from the shadows of Anna who honed his "Dharna" skills to such precision that out of his habit, he even ended up practicing it when he was looking like serving as Chief minister in his T20 style "49 day" government.

So brazen were some of the acts that politicians of yesteryear would have marveled at what IITs can produce when politics is the ambition of its alumni. In a short instant, transforming from a anti-corruption crusader to giant killing Cong rule in Delhi state elections, Kejriwal attained a feat few would have rivaled or even dreamt of.

But being a cat with nine lives, this was just start of the journey where the craze to use "shock value of unpredictable behaviour" overcame rational considerations and dilution of the office of Chief minister, that he attempted to self-immolate a decent start to throw cat among the pigeons.

Coming back after forcing the taxpayers money for a 2nd election within 90 days, it was a stunning victory, which for reasons still not very clear to me, resulting in even better showing in the election. It wiped out everything but 4-6 seats which was a consolation to the two national parties put to shame 2 times in a row.

What was assumed would change Delhi's fortune and brighten up the hopes that the various "scam kings" would finally face trials for their acts fizzled out faster than a soda bottle left in open.

Even faster were the numerous "U" turns which now Kejriwal has mastered which caught few of their founder members on the wrong side of the road left huffing & puffing and finally shown the door.

The tall promises made such as Free-WiFi, half-priced electricity, water, pollution drives, some of which might not materialize before their term officially expires have kept people wondering, whether things are in works or it is all "smoke" and no "fire".

What we have learnt with enough clarity & evidence is that Kejriwal has brought in a new era of showmanship unseen within the political circles, where "Is it true" re-tweets on unverified news & claims is his daily routine when he is not

  • reviewing movies & recommending them on twitter
  • finding tweets to show BJP & its members in bad light
  • claiming astounding achievements which fall apart when facts are analyzed
  • doing "U" turns on everything under sun given the direction of the wind
  • crying foul on media when his ego is trampled upon
  • & finally when anything which doesn't go according to plan anywhere in India, he creatively finds a way to question and frame the Centre Govt as the possible cause.

Astounding it may seem that a Chief minister who has nearly the whole assembly for his party would drive & devote time to construct his future in Delhi and latter embark upon to make a dent at the National level instead chose to duel in a visible and deplorable manner with numerous entities, it was very easy to see that after Anna Hazare, the Delhi citizens are being taken for a ride to fuel AK's quixotic ambition to attempt at eyeing the PM seat which has anything but deeply disappointed normal Indians who can see beyond the dramatics and the ever occurring blame games of AK vs. Centre / Modi / BJP.

My hopes of AK being different than the other "wolves" in the political circle were quickly laid to rest with his 1st tenure dramatics. However, he did affirm the "different" tag in his 2nd tenure where he has demonstrated what "different" can mean in scope of degradation of political discourse to a shocking new low, that if I were to call him the "Reality TV" version of Indian politics, the pioneers of reality television might sue me !!

But in the end, the aim is the same, maximum attention & diversion from "reality" serving as a nice irony to "Reality".

Indians have yet again, especially Delhities have been shown "Babaji ka Thullu" in a different style. What is interesting to be seen is how the Punjab elections play out along with the Goa elections where AAP has already claimed victory without any votes being polled.

If the "wolf in the sheep's clothing" is indeed well covered, Punjab & Goa falling prey to AK's antics would prove one thing for sure; that people are so sick of the traditional political players that they are desperate to gamble their future with someone who can't keep his house in order & gossips like the "Dehati Aurat" which excites and feeds the "Presstitutes" to keep their studios busy & noisy for TRPs and news creation. 

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Suwarna Salvitthal said...

Just Unbelievable. He s doing great. N congratulations to parents to channelize him in right way

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