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Monday, January 31, 2005

Adieu Bangalore . . .

As the night draws close and the new month approaches . . so does a begining of a new part in my career and life.
It has been a nice 6 months where I have experienced most of Bangalore for all it is famous and infamous for ! The unexpected rains, the instant climate switch and the unique weather. . . Yes, how do I forget the life-saving " Radio City" FM Station . . .

Along with it came, the deteriorating roads, never ending traffic on weekdays, fungus on food items, round the clock ailments like cold and laziness ( the last one I can allege to have got to me due to the mild weather ).

Overall experience on the work front level has been an amazing experience, a role which I would have given an arm for to get into. Sadly though, I couldnt resist a change after coming here, attribute it to my non-ending quest for a peculiar challenge which I have envisioned for me or the not so-satisfying results on my personal evaluation of the work I was doing. I am leaving with a larger circle of friends, better level of understanding and career experience and with loads of learning on the personal as well as professional front.

Bangalore . . you charmed like a beautiful lady, but your care takers are eroding your beautifulness, please take care or you could end up as being the "Silicon Valley" with the overload of hardware and deteriorating of "natural fauna" and beautiful tree lined pollution free and traffic free roads, which gave you the title "The Garden City" . . .

I hope I get to see a Bangalore more clean and organised than what the present Bangalore is . . in future . .

Call me back . . for this city is too good to lose to the pollution and the roads and badly managed and ignoring administration !!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

German engeneers help the USA - what your government is not telling you

German engeneers help the USA - what your government is not telling you

Something worth reading after the Massive 9/11. Some architectural arguments with some real explosive stuff discussed, how genuine, ratify yourself and read through . . . Pretty Smashing I believe. . .

Adiose for the day !!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Matter & Set !! Nothing more matters, really ( or sathiyamaa in Tamil )

Hey Folks,

I was just wondering on some of the english words which have a wide range of meanings when used by other languages. In the same language with many meanings, you could refer to as a synonym, across the languages with various meanings of the same word, I am still trying to find a term to it, if you can suggest, please lead me to the way . .
Since my most of the childhood and growing up has been in Chennai, I will take the city's langua prima as the test language to beging with.


Perhaps, no other word has or would be used apart from this and "SET" in the day to day conversations of an average chennaite . . Dont believe me, dont !! Better ask your cousin / relative / friend in chennai, possibly put this question to him/her . .

" Hey pal, whats the matter ? "

I can guarantee, you would get an answer anything ranging from his well being to the thing he is thinking of currently or is disturbed with or occupied with . . . anything and everything. To proceed further, let me present you some examples :

1. " Yenna ma, yenna matter "
Possible meanings ( not limited to these but more as wide as the situations permit ).
a: Hey, what's up ?
b: Hey, what's wrong with you ?
c: Hey, what happened ?
d: Hey, what's going on ?
. . . .

2. " Boss, Matter aayacha "

a: Boss, thing is done.
b: Boss, what we feared has happened.
c: Boss,thing is through ?

Well, some more are which can refer to anything relating to a subject like exams ( exam matter overa ? ) to a reference to CD of adult movie ( matter padaum kadikkuma ? ) ( can I get a porno film CD !! ).

Possibly Einstien didnt have much idea of the matter except for the fact that E=mc squared. Well, guess we Chennaities had other ideas other than coming up with equations to the " Matter Theory".

So, The next time you refer to some "matter", watchout how your neighbourhood friendly "Chennaite" would interpret it as . .

"Seriyaannu Matter, idhu . . " ( Now if you expect me to give the multiple endless synonyms for this sentence . . watch out for the space when we discuss "SET" !! ).

Until then . . Keep "Mattering" . . . oops !! what did I say, sorry folks . . "idhu oru chinna matter thaan . . "

Friday, January 21, 2005

Buying a home? Don't get cheated

Folks, this one is a real neat piece of information for who are and would be looking to buy up flats and properties. . . Gives a decent idea of what to talk and what to be careful of with the builders. .
Buying a home? Don't get cheated

This link takes you through the details. That's as of now . .

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Don't sleep at work. You may get sacked

Don't sleep at work. You may get sacked

Sounds like a 100 alarm bells ringing for who really do so . . Well read on for more details. It's got what it takes to be a real twister of a seemingly plain case of "found guilty and fired", Labour has its fruits, this one certainly got close to getting its revenge on the employer, I guess common sense prevailed in the last and justice was done.

Hail the power of Labour class some of whom dont want to labour that much (or) labour et all . . .

A bientot.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Welcome to the World of "????Namis" . .

Welcome to the World of "??Namis"

I couldnt help but, let loose these, relatives of "Tsunami" in our daily lives, some of them are a common place with not so much reality damage as the now famous "Tsunami" . . read on for a light hearted moment with a civic message in it.

Below is the extract :

The Geographical Meteorological and Metaphysical Association has released a compendium of disaster definitions. If you study them with a keen eye you may find that some disasters happen with sudden and devastating impact while others are happening and we don’t even realise it. Now, which of these applies to Delhi...

Tsunami: This disaster is caused by an earthquake in the ocean. This results in the shifting of tectonic plates and displaces a large amount of water. Travelling at great speed towards the shore, as it passes the speed decreases but the size of the wave increases. Finally when it hits shore it can be a wave 50 foot in height causing havoc.

Manmani: This refers to the condition where everyone does exactly what they please with complete disregard to how it may affect another person. It begins with small acts like going the wrong way on the road, triple parking, illegally building and eating up the pavement but the ultimate result is large scale havoc as the fabric or urban order begins to break down.

Badnami: Can be broken down into two words Bad and Nami (names). Caused by the condition where upon the slightest provocation a mouth begins running in free flow with a string of abuses. B$&*—%, can’t you see you’ve grazed my car by 1mm, you P*—#@! The way you drive I can make out your father is a G—#@+, and your family is S*—%$#. Pretty soon this whole thing is flowing through the city making it seem like a verbal gutter.

Susupani: A geographical disaster where every available stretch of wall is converted into a urinal. Very good for any plants that are growing there but very bad for the nose. Benami: Refers to the presence of black money in huge waves. Very dangerous for any city state as people use a city without paying their dues.

Salaami: Indicates the presence of too much fawning and yes sir attitude. Salaami or repeated Salaaming is typical in any city where all that is worshiped is power.

Anjaani: The situation where even people who live in close proximity insist on behaving like total strangers. Yes sir, these tectonic plates never shift.

Notfani: Once again can be broken into two words Not (not ) and Fani (funny). Sums up a city where there is a great lack of humour and joviality, and harsh words as well as blows are used too readily.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday Freebie for those who want more on their Desktop - Desktop Sidebar

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I guess, I had too . . So to start off the day, What better thing to think of, than think of something which is useful, informative and the best and last of all . . F.R.E.E. Yes your eyes are reading correctly.

Click on the below link to find out more how you can have fun ( Users of Windows XP would be able to relish it much more than other OS versions of Windows, please check the requirements before installation ).

Desktop Sidebar Home Page

I have tried, and this thing works as a breeze, 1 % of your systems resources shouldnt be much of a weight for your 2+ GHz CPU loaded with RAMs which accompany them in today's business systems, and yes, did I forget to mention the Internet Connectivity !! oh, it's a must for those to want to fully enjoy the features of this freebie !! Absolute MUST !!
Read your mails, see who's online, jot down notes, play music, view photos, stock watch and much much more . . Dont believe it, better dont, download and see it for yourself, I bet you wont regret this download for a long long time. .

That's it for now, Watch out for more. . .

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Tsunami - Before and After Images !!

Tsunami - Before and After Images !!

Before I wind up for the long weekend, I encountered something pretty special, the receding waters images in Srilanka and the now-most-circulated photos of Banda Aceh Flooding, Indonesia.

Just go through the snaps and see the impact and the nature's will working on its own !! Hail Mother Earth . . . and long live the human race !!

Adiose et Au revoir

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Courier-Mail: Beggars 'pour into aid-rich coasts'

The Courier-Mail: Beggars 'pour into aid-rich coasts' [12jan05]

This link should sound funny for the moment, but an enriching opportunity of a mega quick income for those in transit from Bangalore to the affected areas . . Just a wandering thought came to my mind, when beggars can travel overnight distances by whatever means, which could cost them from anywhere Rs. 270+ ( 5-6 US $ ), what would be the return of investement they would have in mind !! Just an analytical question . .

With the reputation of them having the potential of a global marketing professional or a lawyer on par with the international ones, the only difference being, the lack of will coupled with lack of any sort of education ( I havent seen a graduated 'beggar', though there is a different tribe which resembles that !! ). I wonder, whether they could be utilised on the proper channels, some channels are utilised, for example by police and investigating authorites, for whom they act as "A spy under cover - Your neighbourhood beggar ".

I hope, I have had a fullfilling day, as you had, and yes by the way, my dinner was today laced with mosquito !! eeks . . I guess there's a new recipie by the canteen chef, or he had inadvertently sprinkled to enhance the liveliness of the meal !! God saved me from consuming those longest living friends of ours ( Please ask the cockroach regime, they know them longer than we do ).

That's for the day, Hoping for a fullfilling weekend to start quick and last long as an eternity . .

Adiose . .

Cyber porn case surfaces in Pune-Times of India - Indiatimes

Cyber porn case surfaces in Pune-Times of India

Something to kickstart the new year for the perverts, eh !! As I had mentioned in one of the previous blogs of the rampant advancement in technologies, Some people have a rather disgustingly amusing way of putting them to use. This one will come as an outright rude shock for the tenants and the PG Accomodation seeking people. People who travel all the way in search of their daily bread and take up shelter with so much effort and imagine, how you feel, when you are being watched, watched by a seriously insane person, unknown to anyone and to you !!
There were people who would whistle and pass comments at the passing womenfolk, that was early 19th century, then came the henchmen of landlords for picking up whomever they fancied, that was mid 19th century, and as the civilisation progresses further, so does the freedom of people. But where does the eternally animal behaviour in the human progress all along this, it grows smarter, adapting to new ways and possibly evade all eyes. Shocked !! Well, I am not, coz, if the human evolution progresses, new things for good and bad do happen simultaneously.

How do you deal with it ? is the primary concern !! I would suggest some possible precautions. Watch out for those glassy partitions in shops, malls, changing rooms, homes and office cabins, do a simple to ascertain that the surface in which you see your reflection is a mirror and not a peeping tom's galleria . .

Place your fingertip touching the surface of the surface, if you happen to see the reflection of the tip not meeting exactly your real finger tip, be sure, it's a mirror, and if it does !! Watch out, you have a good chance of being viewed behind those sunscreen shaded glassy mirrors (are they mirrors anyway !! )

Second thing, when you venture into any hotel and resort for a comfortable stay, watch out for those empty bulb holders and the dressing table shades, it's a good precautionary measure to have a good look at the room's curves and fixtures, coz smart gadgets are also small gadgets, and nothing more precious than your privacy to be stolen by them.

If I have sounded, pessimistic, ask those who have been embarrased when they have seen themselves in a recording ? or see themselves being branded " The sexiest and sultriest of the human race " on the pages of the Net's innumerable pages. . . They will tell you what they lost !!

Adiose . .

Amrish Puri is dead

Amrish Puri is dead

One of the most identified on screen villian of the Indian cinema and definetly one of the most identifiable voice in the film industry passed away today. What will still remain is the "Mogambo Khush hua" dialogue and the deep bass of the his voice which rattled every hero and heroine in a movie signalling an impending danger.
I have seen his movies a lot, and the strength of his acting was his going under the skin of the character I believe, coz I have seen so many actors doing the villian roles, but none with so much of perfection that it left imprints on the mind of the cine-goers .. be it Mogambo, be it the so-called king in "Chahat", I have personally found his roles being lent an extra punch with the voice, which sounds so authrotative, that it was meant to rule . .

Hats off to the great man, May God bless him and rest his soul in peace . . .

Mogambo, " Aapne ne humien waaqai mein bahut khush kiyaa . . Alvida Dost !! "

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Caught On Tape: Goose Wins Fight With Bobcat and other Weird Stuff - News - Caught On Tape: Goose Wins Fight With Bobcat

Time for the things which you could never imagined would happen or existed. The world is a learning place, for good and bad things, what part you take is at your sole discretion. Continuing on this, The above link is a curious enough one . . . to find more of these kind, I will suggest the ODD NEWS section in REUTERS, again the ODD news section in REDIFF.COM News . . and for those who can handle extremes of weirdness with some EXPLICIT content, welcome to DAILY ROTTEN.

Be warned though, the last site mentioned is for the extreme weird stuff, lots of adult related material, so dont blame me when you click on that out of curiosity and see something which you wouldnt wanted to have. .

Anyways, you can either subscribe to a site called : LINKY DINKY which gives a variety in weirdness, purely text based and with no flashy mails which should sooth your eyes and satisfy your weekly twice hunger of interesting links and news from different part of world.

I will update on more weird things as and when I encounter them, till then keep looking over your shoulder and surroundings, they exist everywhere, perhaps even in your house !!

Adiose . . .

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Savour the images of those itchy,biting,teasing micro living organisms giving a mega pain to you -MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery

MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery

Pretty wonderful site giving you microscopic images of the life that lives literally on our skin and makes us jump out of it upon reading. "Size does Matter" doesnt hold to them. Some are 0.05 cm and send a 6 foot organism writhing in pain and agony defies the statement as easy as that.

Motto of the day : " I understand you love zoology, but please dont make your house and body a sanctuary for that, possibly take bath on the 8th day when the seven day itching doesnt get cured !! "

P.S : Am I on some kind of cleanliness drive today ?? let me know !!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Power and dynamics of the Religious top guns !!

Read this link for a better understanding . .

Mata gives Rs 100 crore to tsunami victims

The tone is primarily a very humanitarian approach. In fact, for the present time, the biggest donation promised by an individual for the relief work in India. Now if you are wondering on the aim of the institution and the money associated with it, then

Welcome to the land of money loaded religious institutions . . where god and money play into the hands of the feeble looking saints and astrologers, who according to the Hindu tradition have left the materialistic world and live for people !! So much for spirituality.

I guess I am not here trying to show them in a bad way or anything like that. But this is to just to point out the places of one of the power centres through which you can get done majority of things which otherwise would require connections at the high places at the correct time, with a lot of monetary aspects.
I dont contradict the fact that this route is free of any financial implications. But the donation and offerings here serve two purpose - firstly yours for which you paid for, and another is you can disguise as a Sec 80 something which saves you tax and enhances your spiritual image and social image as well. so infact 3 birds with a single stone. This is not a new trend by any means, India in fact has been famous with the invaders and the historians for having unimaginably rich temples which was savoured by the likes of Mohammed Ghazni and other warriors from the North-West regions of Asia. Travellers from China and Europe came all the way to see the glory. Our Mythological serials show the splendour of kings offering large pearl necklaces, gold coins and other jewelled treasures to god. Faith you call it, I would agree. Tradition has been of offering money and other stuff , since the temples used to serve as mass kitchens for the needy and poor, we have many temples still doing that. The maintainence of the temple was taken care by this funding.
I believe, ever since the caste system arrived from the Vedic Age and with one specific caste taking control of the temple activities, it started serving as a connection to the royalty and high authorities by virtue of the donations and other visits by the elite class. Favourism with something in return in a disguised form was even a better option, and slowly you had rich people who actually had left the materiailistic world, with power which they would have found hard to achieve by being in the normal "karmic world".
Some of you would dismiss me as a pessimistic, but I would say, what is with the commercialisation of the temples and religious institutions, probably a 100 % Tax FREE income !! I am not aware of Taxes on Temples as of now.
Coming to the political powers they have access to and control, many examples of the sort of "Chandraswami","Sai Baba - Puttaparthy" come to mind, what else can you visualise when the so called democratic head and rulers of the nation bow to your feet with devotion. What I can see is, copious money flow from the unaccounted business of all well-to-do and other nefarious elements. Quick jack to promotions, transfers, firing, safety from the law enforcement agencies, possibly making you virtually "UNTOUCHABLE" i.e. by law and common people I mean. You wish it , they will do it.
There are many positive aspects to it without doubt. More blessed are those who are in vicinity of these institutions and temples. Business flourish near these places, selling at exhobirant prices suggests these are non-questionable, whether it's over MRP or double the price. Coz they have the "hand of the god" above them, so who dare question their business process ??

More on this later . . . .

Monday, January 03, 2005

MSN Dating & Personals - Five things about your place that drive her nuts

MSN Dating & Personals - Five things about your place that drive her nuts

A brief yet concise insight into what generally constitutes a bachelor's apartments. Guess there should have been some suggestion as to how-to-clean up quick and fast in case of a case, where you take your date back to the apartment !! How often does that happen anyway ?? Let me know guys . .

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