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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Panic in TN town after tsunami alert

Panic in TN town after tsunami alert

This is still continuing to come into our lands once again. On 29th's late evening a quake was again reported in Indonesia. Click on for more details.

This has triggered panic in the areas already reeling under the impact of Sunday's Wave attack. Precaution is the key word now, after a lakh of people dead, every small movement will now be under the lenses. None of the affected countries can afford a second wave now.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The tsumani curse- The Times of India

The tsumani curse- The Times of India

A Sample Slide Show of the devastation . . .

Tsunami toll mounts to 44,000; hungry islanders loot in Indonesia

Tsunami toll mounts to 44,000; hungry islanders loot in Indonesia

This is the latest update and as the figures rise and the relief operations continue, what we could be seeing would be the costliest natural calamity which took toll on the lavishest beaches and poorest people, both of which depended on sea for their living.

A curious look on the dates on which some major earthquakes have occured over the years. . .

Year Month and Date Place of Earthquake

2001 January 26 Gujarat

2001 September 26 Chennai

2002 December 26 China

2003 January 26 Newzealand

2003 May 26 Japan / Taiwan

2003 September 26 Japan(Hokaido)

2003 October 26 China (Sunsu)

2003 December 26 Iran

2004 December 26 South east Asia

Year Month and Date Place of Earthquake

2002 December 26 China

2003 December 26 Iran

2004 December 26 South east Asia

I dont believe in numerology too far and deep. But the Date of December 26 seems to be a favourite for sesimic activity. Atleast the start of the 21st century has had all Dec 26th dates in action. I have got some images of the destruction from Sri Lanka, Malysia, Chennai, Phuket. I will be putting them up for your viewing.

The Quake's Aftermath and other Issues !!

Hi folks,

Another day begins and as the human spirit is, life is coming back to normal in Chennai atleast, normal with the feeling of uneasiness of Sunday's catastrophe still fresh in the minds of those affected and those shaken by it. I have seen lots of talk about these natural calamities affecting the population and also some places acting as population control measures. But I think, it should refer to the vulnerable people, living in vulnerable houses and at vulnerable places, for whom these natural calamites act as decision makers in their lives.
I have been going through the news sites and the other print media, the public reaction in wake of the disaster, and the fund and cloth collection drive is a positive approach. I would still see giving food and clothes to the needy as priority no.1 with the government organising the rehabilitation and sheltering of those left homeless. Tall promises of financial donations from politicians invariably dry up before they reach the needy. The places affected, where there are hardly any proper infrastructure and other facilities available, what fun does handing over them money give anyway ?? Probably space in the news articles and footage on the news channels, who try to enlarge each and every sundry thing which now contains the word "Tsunami".

Monday, December 27, 2004

Video Of Waves Hitting Hotel

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Watch out the link of video on which says : Video Of Waves Hitting Hotel. This will give you an example of what would have been the real waves, if this was a small example. - Asia quake death toll tops 23,000 - Dec 27, 2004 - Asia quake death toll tops 23,000 - Dec 27, 2004

I dont have words to describe the tragedy. It is way too huge to be described. Imagine standing on a beach, watch the water retreat some 150 yards, as you wonder what is happening, and then you sight, boats riding atop waves and rushing towards you. What do you do ? Stand mesmerised ?? Run towards land ?? How far ??
I have heard Nature has its ways of hitting back, but this was one of the worst ways and time it would have wanted to do it. Sunday morning, Christmas season, tourists spilled all across the beach heavens of Thailand, Fishermen folk and their families, readying the net for a day's catch.
Half an hour later, everybody is in sea or thrown along with other debris onto ground and then pullled back into the sea . . Too fast to even imagine a 40 foot wave after you and then next 5 seconds, it takes hold of you, sending you on a bone rattling journey without any control or direction. Lucky you if you survive, many werent and the toll of 23000 speaks the impact it had.
I have lived in Chennai ( formerly Madras ) during the last 15 years, I had seen "Day After Tommorow" and "Independence Day", but never in my life imagined, I could have a situation in real life this soon, this fast that too in Chennai. I think the beach will be a scary place for the people of chennai and other coastal cities to go out and have fun for some while. Enormous water ahead, and when it rises towards you in such a fury, no one can escape it. Sends shivers sitting down 700 km from the sea shore. My own house which lies 150 mts from the jagged sea shore in Northern part of Chennai was saved by the container yard which sits in the middle of my house and the beachside road on the edge of the seashore. I pray for the souls of all those who perished and pray that the dear ones left behind, get enough hope and power to overcome the moment of utter grief and loss of lives.

I am confident that we will come through this hard time and help out those affected.

Hail the human survival against odds, we may lose, but never quit !!


Friday, December 17, 2004

It's Friday !!

I managed to join Google's Adsense, just checkiing out the program . . hopefully I do manage to understand something.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

World around me is moving crazy . .

The week has been behaving weirdly. First I pickup weird messages, then I have tough time dealing with it, add the chaos in office and being alone at home with laziness all over me. God, needs to do something with me drastically, or else I am destined to become a rotten veg living without any aim. Living alone is so . . so . . painful. Let me go back and do some work for a couple of hours, will update before I leave.
Was shocked to see the IIT guy's news of photo peddling and MMS clip from DPS !! I guess, the media is involuntarily bringing out the perverts located around us in surprising ways . . or is this the other inside side of each and every human which accidentally oversteps and gets known in public eye . . Ouch !!

I have been tempted like anything to get hold of a SONY digital camera by this year end, tech gizmos always seduce me, I guess the monetary part of it wakes my reality up and then sobers me down to where and what I am. Wonder , if I had sacks of money, I would be sitting surrounded by gadgets from around the world.

Cheers :)

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