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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Decision on quota is final: Arjun

IBNLive : Decision on quota is final: Arjun

I happened to read this article, and couldnt wait myself expressing on this, with all the events surrounding this going on across India. Here's what I think. . .

"Reservations" from the times when India got liberated, the cause and basis of implementing them has undergone a sea change.

Mandal Commission was a glaring example that indeed "India" has come of age and now needs talented people to grow and not some 2nd grade stuff which has come in due to "quota" based on which caste he/she belongs to.

I guess Arjun Singh has some personal ambition to shine in "limelight", before he goes into dark, even if it means that he does the most stupid thing he could possibly imagine to do. Frankly, why dont they reward the meritorious students with "scholarships" which for any reason should not scan for a SC / ST / or any caste for that matter to show up for eligiblity.

If the Govt is so concerned about giving opportunities, then they should make sure that all people who come through quota even if they dont qualify properly, should work solely and directly for the government minisiters. They should see what quality of resources are being produced as a result of Quotas and Reservations. Would they mind if some semi-qualified pilot would take them for a trip around India.

They wouldnt dare to want that !!

Then why should they get into the system at all. It is as good as eating semi-cooked food, just for the sake of eating it and then having pains at wrong places afterwards. I guess either the Minister doesnt have anything susbstantial to do after reversing what MM Joshi did to NCERT syllabus, he is creating work for the next Minister whoever comes in next election. I guess it is like " I shit, you clean . . you shit, I clean" policy.

I feel for the students who are demonstrating and feel for their time, which should be spent in the classes gaining knowledge and experience, is being utilised sitting in the fiery summer sun of India, and nobody to even acknowledge their feelings and sympathise with them.

I was stunned to read the replies of Arjun Singh in this interview. What pained me most is that, he is trying to show as if he cannot control anything in this regard, whatever is being done, " The Govt / Parliament " is the final authority. But he is smart enough as a "experienced political jackal" to dodge the question of whether he is in tune with the facts and what does he have to justify this "decision" of the government which is still "under process".

I wanted to stress on the reaction of Arjun Singh on "Modern Society". He says India is still in progress and not completely a "Modern Society". May I ask him, on what counts he evaluates as "In progress" and what kind of metrics is it ?? I would never say India hasn't been modern. Aping to West culture and doing things the West does could be modern for him, imbibing the good aspects of West and keeping our own at the same time is Modern for me.

In the end, I feel pity for Arjun Singh, who after all these years of being loyal to the "dynastic" Congress clan, didnt get to the PM post, but now has made sure that the country pays for his "miss" at the seat and adds 10 years of sub-standard talent into the Indian education society by his "Don quixotic" attempt.

Shame to the Politicians and Long live India, we have seen many like this and would still continue to grow. . . .

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