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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Is China really a friend for India??

A classic case of unending desire to the biggest power in the ASEAN region has brought China into spotlight every now and then. Surprisingly, India chooses to ignore the growing development and stealth advances of China since 1950 on its territories.

Indian culture has the motto of "Athiti Devo Bhava" (A Guest is equivalent of God). History has on records the innumerable times, our hospitality has been abused and we have exercised restraint and more restraint.

The birth of a new nation from Independence brought in fresh border disputes. Not only it was Pakistan trying to establish its ownership over Kashmir, but China joined the party too and coerced with Pakistan to take a bite out of Kashmir now infamously known as Aksai Chin.

China has continued to work on its territory expansion plans through hook or crook. It pushed into Tibet using Muscle, politics and money. There have been growing insecurities in the Chinese camp seeing India develop as an alternate power in the Asia region which could undermine Chinese supreme leadership !!

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