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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CWG 2010 - India amazingly shameless

In the never ending stream of woeful spats and infrastructure issues, this piece of news is just sh*t hitting the fan. Literally, the phrase fits what is going on with the CWG 2010 which commences in Delhi in another week.

Any major sports meet in India should be taken with a grain of salt ( for the participants ) and quick trip to the bank ( for the contractors and the ministry / local government ) involved. “India Incredible” is a phrase which is sometimes better suited to be limited to the hoardings in foreign airports and websites and mostly in the hearts of ever forgiving Indians, who tend to forget every wrong within few moments, even if they are repeatedly subject to it.

With the inauguration of one of the most awaited events in India coming close, all sorts of creatures came out of the closet of the organizers and the government. While the key government officials, including the venerable minister who handles the sports guarantee a world class experience to the participants, the situation on the ground is far from it, so far that we have a great chance that this meet might not happen at all. so much for planning which started 7 years ago and looks like they just woke up to realize the deadline is right over their head.

First there was bickering over quality of construction and passing off the buck for the delays which have already been doing rounds in national and international press. Then came the blasts, which have become a precursor to any big event in Indian cities.

The collapse of the walkway near the main stadium was just the kind of boost the reluctant participants and commonwealth members needed to strengthen their case for opting out of these games with proof of unlivable conditions.

The government and the organizers seem to have the least regard for the visiting sportspersons by the way the complaints and news have been propagating around the event’s athlete village. Otherwise, why should a minister issue denial statements contrary to the proof and experience being reported from the site. It would be wise of them to speed up the finishing of the works which are lagging behind to ensure a proper inauguration and conduct of the game.

Mudslinging and endless inquiries can be initiated once your prime objective of conducting the games in a secure and health environment is achieved, which currently looks rather depressing. What should have been a showcase of organization from “rising power” instead has become another feather in the distinguished and miserable screw-up cap which the officials of Indian ruling party and other accomplices are happy to wear in lieu of loads of money being passed around for their personal gains.

Coming to the link to the title of the post, it is simply unbelievable, but YES, it can happen in India. When the home ministry can taxi a CEO of a company to safe havens, even if it killed thousands of its citizen with deadly gas leak, what wrong a stray animal “accommodating” itself in the athlete’s bed in Delhi’s monsoon time has done, hey at least it did not kill any human in the process.

But as they say, “The show must go on”, and all I pray is “Let the games begin”. 

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