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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now : Price for your honour

The rich have often put price for things which normally are not considered up for sale. Lives for example, Take any tragedy and depending on the severity or the scale of it, the government somehow manages to find a price tag for each of the life lost and announces to hand it over to the bereaved family. While this might help them to cope temporarily for the loss they have incurred, it is by no means an approximation of the gap it leaves in their family, physically and monetarily.

The recent spate of crimes committed usually return in landmark judgements passed to ensure that such crimes are not repeated or the potential offenders are deterred by the scope of punishment for those crimes. But the link above is a landmark in itself, and surprisingly it comes from the highest office of justice in the Indian Judiciary - Supereme court.

The details are sort of summarized in the headlines itself, and if you find it impossible to believe. I believe it is extremely abhorrent to even conjure such statements, leave alone imagine a possiblity of making them public. Money is such a powerful tool which for ages has silenced rebellions, enemies, dissolved differences between powers, people and sometimes substituting for a life lost without a reason.

For a dead person who cannot argue his life's worth, paying money to their family does not have any trauma for the person itself. But justifying payment to a rape victim by the offender is something which the victim will have to endure for the rest of the life !!

How can you justify receiving money from a offender who has violated your honour and manage to live with it. Will the panel who makes such public statements accept such reimbursements for their family and kin. I would find it grossly against human dignity whether you are educated or not.

I hope sanity prevails and the Supreme court stays away from making such incompetent statements which will only allow the money laden criminals to happily commit crimes knowing that they can pay for it and get away from their deeds.

Shameful indeed.

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