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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Long time Google, and things haven't been so kind in the blogger space

It's been a long time since I visited blogger portal due to my international transfers and setting up a new permanent home back in my home country.

While Google has been playing the change in "Authorization APIs" close to its heart and disrupting one too many platforms which connect its services from other cloud applications. Microsoft & Apple have been equally less enthusiastic in ensuring that this cross-rival handshakes are being oiled and working all fine.

Where does that leave the "looking for free" or "subscribing" netizens; basically stuck in Web portals trying to type their blogs or ponder over the decision to move their blogs to other services such as "Wordpress" which on my recent visit is thriving well and probably should be my only blog portal if Google & Microsoft's blog writing software keep each other in isolation.

Although my frequency doesn't really justify the above rant, but simple things like updating your applications of minor authorization mismatches shouldn't sit around for months altogether when users report it. Granted that the maintenance & intent to update "free" software is not really on Microsoft's agenda, then it is better to kill these non-value apps then letting them linger around and invite the negative feedback from their users.

Having said all that. I did finally write this post from the web portal. :P Like I had a choice to begin with..

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