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Monday, December 27, 2004 - Asia quake death toll tops 23,000 - Dec 27, 2004 - Asia quake death toll tops 23,000 - Dec 27, 2004

I dont have words to describe the tragedy. It is way too huge to be described. Imagine standing on a beach, watch the water retreat some 150 yards, as you wonder what is happening, and then you sight, boats riding atop waves and rushing towards you. What do you do ? Stand mesmerised ?? Run towards land ?? How far ??
I have heard Nature has its ways of hitting back, but this was one of the worst ways and time it would have wanted to do it. Sunday morning, Christmas season, tourists spilled all across the beach heavens of Thailand, Fishermen folk and their families, readying the net for a day's catch.
Half an hour later, everybody is in sea or thrown along with other debris onto ground and then pullled back into the sea . . Too fast to even imagine a 40 foot wave after you and then next 5 seconds, it takes hold of you, sending you on a bone rattling journey without any control or direction. Lucky you if you survive, many werent and the toll of 23000 speaks the impact it had.
I have lived in Chennai ( formerly Madras ) during the last 15 years, I had seen "Day After Tommorow" and "Independence Day", but never in my life imagined, I could have a situation in real life this soon, this fast that too in Chennai. I think the beach will be a scary place for the people of chennai and other coastal cities to go out and have fun for some while. Enormous water ahead, and when it rises towards you in such a fury, no one can escape it. Sends shivers sitting down 700 km from the sea shore. My own house which lies 150 mts from the jagged sea shore in Northern part of Chennai was saved by the container yard which sits in the middle of my house and the beachside road on the edge of the seashore. I pray for the souls of all those who perished and pray that the dear ones left behind, get enough hope and power to overcome the moment of utter grief and loss of lives.

I am confident that we will come through this hard time and help out those affected.

Hail the human survival against odds, we may lose, but never quit !!


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