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Thursday, December 16, 2004

World around me is moving crazy . .

The week has been behaving weirdly. First I pickup weird messages, then I have tough time dealing with it, add the chaos in office and being alone at home with laziness all over me. God, needs to do something with me drastically, or else I am destined to become a rotten veg living without any aim. Living alone is so . . so . . painful. Let me go back and do some work for a couple of hours, will update before I leave.
Was shocked to see the IIT guy's news of photo peddling and MMS clip from DPS !! I guess, the media is involuntarily bringing out the perverts located around us in surprising ways . . or is this the other inside side of each and every human which accidentally oversteps and gets known in public eye . . Ouch !!

I have been tempted like anything to get hold of a SONY digital camera by this year end, tech gizmos always seduce me, I guess the monetary part of it wakes my reality up and then sobers me down to where and what I am. Wonder , if I had sacks of money, I would be sitting surrounded by gadgets from around the world.

Cheers :)

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