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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Quake's Aftermath and other Issues !!

Hi folks,

Another day begins and as the human spirit is, life is coming back to normal in Chennai atleast, normal with the feeling of uneasiness of Sunday's catastrophe still fresh in the minds of those affected and those shaken by it. I have seen lots of talk about these natural calamities affecting the population and also some places acting as population control measures. But I think, it should refer to the vulnerable people, living in vulnerable houses and at vulnerable places, for whom these natural calamites act as decision makers in their lives.
I have been going through the news sites and the other print media, the public reaction in wake of the disaster, and the fund and cloth collection drive is a positive approach. I would still see giving food and clothes to the needy as priority no.1 with the government organising the rehabilitation and sheltering of those left homeless. Tall promises of financial donations from politicians invariably dry up before they reach the needy. The places affected, where there are hardly any proper infrastructure and other facilities available, what fun does handing over them money give anyway ?? Probably space in the news articles and footage on the news channels, who try to enlarge each and every sundry thing which now contains the word "Tsunami".

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