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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Adieu my lovely aunt !! I will miss you.

Risks and causes of oesophageal cancer

Today is a very sad day in my life, having lost my aunt Sajani ( Sajju - her pet name ( father's sister )) to oesophageal cancer. The word "Cancer" sends shivers down my spine, Its the word I dislike the most and feel this is something which no one should get, in any form, at any time of life.

Having seen a budding professional and one of my aunts succumb to lymphoma in front of my eyes a couple of years ago was more heart breaking than anything else. What pains more is the agony which the person has to go through when he/she knows well of what is going on within their body, a slow and painful destruction. 

I pray for my aunt for her soul rest in peace, and her family to have courage to go through this tragedy, something which has changed their lives and a gap which nobody will be able to fill. Sitting this far from them, unable to do anything, I pray for them with my whole heart.

She was diagnosed with cancer in its very advanced and possibly last stage around February this year. The place of tumour which was blocking her food pipe worsened it as she couldn't consume food and whatever she consumed couldn't reach her stomach in good quantity. I guess it just worsened from there on and she was fighting a losing battle.

She was a very caring person, and my very infrequent interactions with her were splendid. Since she lived in Rajasthan, meetings were limited to family functions or summer vacations. The best times I had was in 1998 when I went to attend a marriage in their family and stayed with them for 15 days or so. My liking for Rajasthan caught on from then, and I really cherish that stay there. So much fun. I got pampered like anything.

She was the best daughter-in-law for her family and one of the best persons I ever encountered.

Some memories of her will never go away, like her wedding gifts - glasses and plates etched with her name and year of marriage, her truly "Beaweri" accent of Rajasthani and hindi, her jovial nature.

God, rest her soul in peace and harmony and give strength to their family in this crisis. Amen !!

I will miss you Sajju Bhua . . . :( :(

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