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Friday, July 13, 2007 - A World of Slickest deals on planet earth !!

This website is something I have been more regular to than my office cubicle I believe ;). Why ? you will ask. The simple answer is the name of the website itself. It gives you killer deals on stuff ranging from a sock to 60" mammoth sized LCD/Plasmas at rates that even grey markets can not afford.

Although there are couple of other sites which are similar like deals2buy, Fat Wallet, Techbargains, but the simplicity and simply the volume of deals posted here drag me here day after day. It's now a phenomenon where people have reported to go bankrupt in the craze to buy something cheap which they don't need rightaway to people who have simply save hundred's of dollars by watching the website at the right time for the right product they wish to buy.

Personally, my bank account would like to thank Slickdeals for all the money it has saved, although sometimes addiction has a fee associated with it.

So next time you are in US and are looking to buy stuff online / B & M, don't forget to browse through these website's forums !! You never know what you can land !! Some examples of what I have landed ..

Woot : Fantastic site which regularly has great stuff for throwaway prices.
Steep and Cheap : Another site which doles out wonderful stuff.

Bluetooth Headsets - 2 FAR ( Free after rebate worth $ 120)
McAfee products - 8 FAR ( worth $ 500 )
Canon SD 700 IS - $ 270
6 sheet paper Shredder - FAR ( $40 value )
Canon ZR500 Camcorder - $ 175 ( $ 250 value )
Sprint SERO plan - $30 p.m ( saves me at least $ 70 every month on a similar service )
Collection of Creative's MP3 line - $20 - $ 30 AR ( Zen Nano Plus ), $120 ( Zen V Plus 8 GB ).
Loads of SD Cards, microSD, miniSD, USB flash drives (512 MB - 2 GB) - $0 - $20 range.
Targus Groove backpack - $10 ( $30 value)
Loads of cash in GCs valuing upto $ 100.

All said n done, if you want to have the maximum bang of your buck !! Get SDing baby !!

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Anonymous said...

Good article - personally I like sites that preselect deals for you like, etc. so that I don't have to spend hours figuring out whether a deal posted on the forums is really worth buying on not.

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