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Friday, July 13, 2007

IBNLive : Anuradha SenGupta's Blog

IBNLive : Anuradha SenGupta's Blog

People wouldn't have read much about this particular blogger being featured on IBN's blog page. I didn't either till I landed a blog by her which described her experience of watching Rajinikanth's latest blockbuster down south and all across the world "Sivaji".

I haven't seen the movie yet, which I definitely want to watch, but reading of the blog has kicked off a wave of brickbats, insults, accusations and regional accusations which weren't called for in such a magnitude to a poorly written piece of text. Not only the article shows the author as a poor candidate for writing even a personal review, which I believe IBN is not a medium for, unless that is what the author assumed when she sat down to write that piece of text. The only other reason I could see that prompted her to write this would have been a quickie to some sort of internet celebrity, although in a not so good way.

Anyways, people are people and when it comes to something about a superstar who is worshipped no less than god in and around tamilnadu, strong emotions being vented out on the comments section was rather obvious. What stumps me further is the attitude of the blogger to vindicate her stand and schoolmaster her thoughts to the audience which I think she is poor at communicating by using such a demeaning class of language where she compared herself to a pig, I guess PETA will definitely note that ;).

Media has been evolving to generate mileage and TRPs via such sensationalist comments and articles that "Yellow" journalism looks like being accepted as a quick fix to gain attention and then go to length discussing about it. I hope sense does dawn upon Anupama and she deters from giving her personal opinion on things which she doesn't have knowledge of.

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