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Monday, January 31, 2005

Adieu Bangalore . . .

As the night draws close and the new month approaches . . so does a begining of a new part in my career and life.
It has been a nice 6 months where I have experienced most of Bangalore for all it is famous and infamous for ! The unexpected rains, the instant climate switch and the unique weather. . . Yes, how do I forget the life-saving " Radio City" FM Station . . .

Along with it came, the deteriorating roads, never ending traffic on weekdays, fungus on food items, round the clock ailments like cold and laziness ( the last one I can allege to have got to me due to the mild weather ).

Overall experience on the work front level has been an amazing experience, a role which I would have given an arm for to get into. Sadly though, I couldnt resist a change after coming here, attribute it to my non-ending quest for a peculiar challenge which I have envisioned for me or the not so-satisfying results on my personal evaluation of the work I was doing. I am leaving with a larger circle of friends, better level of understanding and career experience and with loads of learning on the personal as well as professional front.

Bangalore . . you charmed like a beautiful lady, but your care takers are eroding your beautifulness, please take care or you could end up as being the "Silicon Valley" with the overload of hardware and deteriorating of "natural fauna" and beautiful tree lined pollution free and traffic free roads, which gave you the title "The Garden City" . . .

I hope I get to see a Bangalore more clean and organised than what the present Bangalore is . . in future . .

Call me back . . for this city is too good to lose to the pollution and the roads and badly managed and ignoring administration !!

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