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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Amrish Puri is dead

Amrish Puri is dead

One of the most identified on screen villian of the Indian cinema and definetly one of the most identifiable voice in the film industry passed away today. What will still remain is the "Mogambo Khush hua" dialogue and the deep bass of the his voice which rattled every hero and heroine in a movie signalling an impending danger.
I have seen his movies a lot, and the strength of his acting was his going under the skin of the character I believe, coz I have seen so many actors doing the villian roles, but none with so much of perfection that it left imprints on the mind of the cine-goers .. be it Mogambo, be it the so-called king in "Chahat", I have personally found his roles being lent an extra punch with the voice, which sounds so authrotative, that it was meant to rule . .

Hats off to the great man, May God bless him and rest his soul in peace . . .

Mogambo, " Aapne ne humien waaqai mein bahut khush kiyaa . . Alvida Dost !! "

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