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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Caught On Tape: Goose Wins Fight With Bobcat and other Weird Stuff - News - Caught On Tape: Goose Wins Fight With Bobcat

Time for the things which you could never imagined would happen or existed. The world is a learning place, for good and bad things, what part you take is at your sole discretion. Continuing on this, The above link is a curious enough one . . . to find more of these kind, I will suggest the ODD NEWS section in REUTERS, again the ODD news section in REDIFF.COM News . . and for those who can handle extremes of weirdness with some EXPLICIT content, welcome to DAILY ROTTEN.

Be warned though, the last site mentioned is for the extreme weird stuff, lots of adult related material, so dont blame me when you click on that out of curiosity and see something which you wouldnt wanted to have. .

Anyways, you can either subscribe to a site called : LINKY DINKY which gives a variety in weirdness, purely text based and with no flashy mails which should sooth your eyes and satisfy your weekly twice hunger of interesting links and news from different part of world.

I will update on more weird things as and when I encounter them, till then keep looking over your shoulder and surroundings, they exist everywhere, perhaps even in your house !!

Adiose . . .

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