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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Courier-Mail: Beggars 'pour into aid-rich coasts'

The Courier-Mail: Beggars 'pour into aid-rich coasts' [12jan05]

This link should sound funny for the moment, but an enriching opportunity of a mega quick income for those in transit from Bangalore to the affected areas . . Just a wandering thought came to my mind, when beggars can travel overnight distances by whatever means, which could cost them from anywhere Rs. 270+ ( 5-6 US $ ), what would be the return of investement they would have in mind !! Just an analytical question . .

With the reputation of them having the potential of a global marketing professional or a lawyer on par with the international ones, the only difference being, the lack of will coupled with lack of any sort of education ( I havent seen a graduated 'beggar', though there is a different tribe which resembles that !! ). I wonder, whether they could be utilised on the proper channels, some channels are utilised, for example by police and investigating authorites, for whom they act as "A spy under cover - Your neighbourhood beggar ".

I hope, I have had a fullfilling day, as you had, and yes by the way, my dinner was today laced with mosquito !! eeks . . I guess there's a new recipie by the canteen chef, or he had inadvertently sprinkled to enhance the liveliness of the meal !! God saved me from consuming those longest living friends of ours ( Please ask the cockroach regime, they know them longer than we do ).

That's for the day, Hoping for a fullfilling weekend to start quick and last long as an eternity . .

Adiose . .

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