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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Matter & Set !! Nothing more matters, really ( or sathiyamaa in Tamil )

Hey Folks,

I was just wondering on some of the english words which have a wide range of meanings when used by other languages. In the same language with many meanings, you could refer to as a synonym, across the languages with various meanings of the same word, I am still trying to find a term to it, if you can suggest, please lead me to the way . .
Since my most of the childhood and growing up has been in Chennai, I will take the city's langua prima as the test language to beging with.


Perhaps, no other word has or would be used apart from this and "SET" in the day to day conversations of an average chennaite . . Dont believe me, dont !! Better ask your cousin / relative / friend in chennai, possibly put this question to him/her . .

" Hey pal, whats the matter ? "

I can guarantee, you would get an answer anything ranging from his well being to the thing he is thinking of currently or is disturbed with or occupied with . . . anything and everything. To proceed further, let me present you some examples :

1. " Yenna ma, yenna matter "
Possible meanings ( not limited to these but more as wide as the situations permit ).
a: Hey, what's up ?
b: Hey, what's wrong with you ?
c: Hey, what happened ?
d: Hey, what's going on ?
. . . .

2. " Boss, Matter aayacha "

a: Boss, thing is done.
b: Boss, what we feared has happened.
c: Boss,thing is through ?

Well, some more are which can refer to anything relating to a subject like exams ( exam matter overa ? ) to a reference to CD of adult movie ( matter padaum kadikkuma ? ) ( can I get a porno film CD !! ).

Possibly Einstien didnt have much idea of the matter except for the fact that E=mc squared. Well, guess we Chennaities had other ideas other than coming up with equations to the " Matter Theory".

So, The next time you refer to some "matter", watchout how your neighbourhood friendly "Chennaite" would interpret it as . .

"Seriyaannu Matter, idhu . . " ( Now if you expect me to give the multiple endless synonyms for this sentence . . watch out for the space when we discuss "SET" !! ).

Until then . . Keep "Mattering" . . . oops !! what did I say, sorry folks . . "idhu oru chinna matter thaan . . "

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